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Running an office without a single sheet of paper was a mystery, now it has become a reality and here are some mind-blowing advantages.

go green

We should align our day to day activities to support nature in all the possible ways and going "paperlez" is the best way it can be.

increase productivity

The time spend over paper documents to search, correct & move can be reduced to few clicks and we can focus more time in making the work to a creative portion.

better access

Those who have permission can access documents from anywhere faster by avoiding all the delays in file moving from one table to another.

strong security

System is more secure than traditional filing cabinets and can track individual access to each documents.

less office expense

The space needed to stack paper documents can go beyond our imagination over a period, going "paperlez" can completely eliminate that thought and gives a reduced office expense plan.

Key features, Just for You
Paperless Office Paperless Office Paperless Office Paperless Office Paperless Office Paperless Office Paperless Office Paperless Office Paperless Office

Searching is a thing of the past, now its all about finding with a single click. Easy, Round the clock and On the go. Experience a whole new world.!

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Have a look at other exciting features available to experience. paperlez is bundled with features that can give you full control over the documents and ensuring its free flow within the system. We will make sure that it has the fastest drag.

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That's it.! Having a paperless office can contribute to the betterment of your organisation and the society in many ways. Its completely environment friendly, less expensive and can increase productivity.

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Join the paperlez revolution and experience total freedom.!

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