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Create a Smart and Clever Government through Paperlez

Anoop Panicker 05-17-2019
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Document Management Solution

Government is a miscellaneous, vast and complex structure. There is Central Government, State Government, Local Government and Social Security Funds.

Each sector has sub divisions and numerous operations associated happening on a day-to-day basis. Going paperless is a thoroughly demanding procedure, but once stepping into the process there is no other field that can benefit more from the incredible opportunities that ‘Paperlez’ offers!

It is vital that we discuss the different sessions in a more interpretable manner as of how to turn into a ‘Paperlez’–smart Government body…

Document Management of Government Files:

In paper-centric file management system usually drilled in government offices let’s peek into a probable situation:

Situation A: Consider yourself walking into a government office. Say, you are in requisite of a particular file for some purpose. You would ask the presiding officer for the file, he would redirect you to another person (who may be in another department) and you might even have to stand in a queue for the file. The officer will search through the huge chunks of file and might not find the file you have asked for, finally resulting in the ‘disappointed you’! Chances also exist that after compromising a majority of your time, you get the right file at the end of the day. But this is clearly a situation of recess!

Let’s look into another possible outcome of going ‘Paperlez’:

Situation B: You walk into a government office and ask for a file. The officer will either procure the file from his system or redirect you to the right personnel in the right department and he will procure the file for you. How simple is that? No queue, no time wastage and quick results!!

With Document Management module in ‘Paperlez’, the easy flow and sharing of information is eased up. Let’s quickly brief on the process that helps you in that facet…

  • Name the document with keywords and tags
  • Scan the document for verification
  • Assign document to respective departments
  • Reassign the documents to other levels of departments (if required)
  • Retrieve the document with specific tags/keywords
  • Task accomplished

Thus, your files are now available in capsule models and in secured systems that facilitate easy procurement and quick transferring. Another added advantage of Document Management is that whenever required and whatever the edits/updates it can be easily reflected in the Document Management module files.

Manage Your Tasks In The Most Desirable Way…

A major complaint that we frequently hear about the Government-undertaken initiatives is the time consumption. It is usually commented that government procedures takes more than required time in achieving tasks. But with ‘Paperlez’s Task Management, the authorities can set the time for various projects, illustrate the phases involved in each project and systematically track the project completion period. This will help in transforming the government offices to a smart, self-sustained, organized and diligent sector.

Create Notes For Easy Sharing…

Even though an ‘in-house’ advantage, ‘Paperlez’ can be of help when there is some brief notes to be tagged with certain files for near or futuristic purpose. The Note Module enables the easy sharing of these notes among various person/department, thus saving a number of personnel’s time. Despite being an in-house business, the ultimate benefiters of utilizing Note Module are the public that act as a catalyst in saving time.

Got a Quick Meeting In Your Schedule? Meeting Module will assist you….

When a meeting is scheduled all of a sudden, what would you expect in a government office? There will be uncertainty about the meeting place, who all should be the attendees of the meeting, at what time would the meeting commence and other related queries.

With Meeting Module, meeting can be organized in the intended place, at the intended time with the intended attendees. There will be a proper track of the people who came for the meeting and there are even provisions for noting the agenda discussed in the meetings and sharing it with the right personnel.


Public are bound to avail the service of the government at one point or the other even though government procedures are generally quoted to be slow paced ones. When all other sectors have quickly transformed to smart work places, government offices were blindfolded to these advancements and is presently in a stage of transformation. At this point, ‘Paperlez’ can contribute in government offices’ transformation into smart work spaces with its office automating techniques thus saving government’s time, budget and ultimately building their public image!


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