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How Can Paperlez Be Your Serious Task Manager?

Keerthi MN 06-11-2020
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Does your office lack a Task manager? Don't hire one, you only need Paperlez to perfectly handle your organization's tasks. Know how..

For organizations irrespective of whether small, medium or large, can explore a lot with an Office Automation tool like ‘Paperlez’. By hearing the term ‘Paperlez’ we recommend that you do not narrow your thoughts to define it as a Best Document Management System alone- it is just one of Paperlez’s fortes. Paperlez has 4 modules in total namely Document Module, Task Module, Note Module and Meeting Module. 

There is quite a lot to understand of how Paperlez can be deployed as your organization’s Task Manager…

Organizations run on people and processes, wherein people executing processes are collectively called ‘Tasks’. Task allocation is inevitable part of any organization. When there are larger businesses or multi-level businesses, task allocation becomes challenging and hence arises the need for micromanagement. Paperlez has immense scope to offer your company as a Task Management Software. How can this be done? Based on the business your companies embark on and the nature of it, Paperlez provides you with the option of customization. Hence you can customize Paperlez and its modules the way your company wants, thus making your Organizational Management an easy responsibility.

What are the Steps Involved in the Paperlez Task Module?

Paperlez as Task Management Software executes the following functions:

Create Task 🡪Assign Task 🡪Update Task 🡪Complete Task and then the cycle repeats. 


 Create Task

  A person verified as Admin or other personnel authorized by the Admin can Create Task

 Assign Task

  The Admin/Authorized person can decide on who should perform each task through Assign Task

 Update Task

  Those who are designated to carry out specific tasks can update the respective progression of the tasks in the Update Task section       

 Complete Task     

  Once the task is accomplished, the assignee can update that the task has been completed in the Complete Task section


With Paperlez incorporated in your office system, you can completely disremember about questions pertaining to different tasks like: Who did the task? When is the task to be completed? Who assigned the task? Who all are the task assignees? What is the expected end result of the task? 

What is the Role Played by Paperlez Task Module in Your Organization?

Micromanagement is ensured in each of the Paperlez-listed tasks. Additionally, there is a solid track record of each task undertaken. This will help the management in identifying the mistakes that occurred while doing a task and yield better results in the forthcoming tasks. Indisputably, Paperlez will redefine your organizations’ regular way of task management by adding more efficiency to the process.

Advantages of Paperlez as a Task Manager 
 •  First  step to office automation
 •  Makes your processes more digitized 
 •  Clarity in the tasks executed
 •  Concrete track record of each tasks and sub-tasks carried out
 •  Easy identification of errors occurred
 •  No disorderliness in tasks and hence no employee disputes
 •  Reduced manpower, effort and time
 •  Cost saving and profitable for the company

Hire Paperlez Today!

Progressing in the path of automation and digitalization is your company’s superlative option. Accomplishing the same with a potent and well-designed tool like Paperlez is the best choice you can make. Individually, Document, Task, Note and Meeting modules of Paperlez will yield phenomenal outcomes in each of the areas these modules excel in.

Paperlez Office is rated 5 / 5 in 5 reviews on Play Store.