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How Paperlez Can Be An Efficient Task Manager For Freelancers?

Keerthi MN 07-22-2020
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Document Management Solution

Freelancers can find it difficult to handle task delegation and task assignment. With Paperlez, freelancers can find a perfect solution for Task Management. Let's see how...

Freelancing is a business of people connected through systems. You work in a pool of connected systems and you still rely on phones and mobiles for communicating doubts and queries regarding your tasks?! This has to change. When there is a tool as proficient as Paperlez with a Task Management module to sensibly manage your freelance tasks, then why should you still rely on the conventional ways of Task Management?

Remotely working teams need a perfectly manageable Project management Software to manage the different individual and team tasks. It is sensible to assume that freelancing jobs have less dependency on paper files. If at all there is any, Paperlez is the best tool as your Best Document Mangement System that can convert your paper-centric files into system-based files, thus making your freelancing job a 100% system-centred affair.

However, it is not just about Document Management that we are focussing on. We are trying to convert your freelancing task into an entirely Office Automated process. You may or may not have a physical work space for your freelancing chores. But Paperlez is an Office Automation Software  that has a lot of automations to offer irrespective of whether or not you have a physical work space.  

Task Management Made Easy for Freelancers!

You are freelancing on a system. You have people with or from whom you need to:

  • Collect tasks
  • Create tasks
  • Update tasks
  • Submit tasks
  • Review tasks
  • Correct tasks

These are all constituting elements of Task Management. Don’t bother to call your boss or colleagues to bring more clarity in your tasks or to decide who all are assigned with what all tasks. Paperlez backs you up with the Task Management module, which is a prime part of the Project Management technique.

What is the Process Involved in Paperlez Task Management for Freelancers?

Assuming that you and the freelancing company you work with is operational in the Paperlez setting, following will be the different scenarios involved in its processes:

Create task > Assign task > Update task > Complete Task

  1. The freelancing company Creates Tasks for each of its employees, which is the first step in the process. An admin or a person authorized by the admin is the one who can create tasks for other active persons in the group. At this stage, tasks and subtasks are created for instigating the project. 
  2. On determining a task, the next stage is to bring clarity in who should take up each task and subtasks. This can be in two modes viz. one-to-one or one-to-many task consignment. On Assigning Tasks by the assignor to the respective assignee the second stage of Task Management is accomplished.
  3. Once the assignee starts performing tasks, the progression happens in conjunction with each assignee’s pace and time limit associated with each of these tasks.  The freelancers can update each stage of the task’s progression in the Update Task and proceed.
  4. Complete Task will make sure of the time you have taken for finishing those tasks assigned to you. Despite working remotely, there will be a clear understanding of what each of the freelancers were doing and the time taken for completing each task.

Freelancers Task Management Software is here!

Freelance jobs have the struggle of coordinating with the management and co-workers. There arise times when you have to travel to places for making your works are being rightly synchronized. Paperlez is freelancers newest Project Management Software that reduces human interference while ensuring efficient Task Management.

Paperlez Office is rated 5 / 5 in 5 reviews on Play Store.