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How Paperlez Can Support HR in The Remote Work Era

Keerthi MN 02-10-2021
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Efficiently manage your remote employees with Paperlez which helps to enhance productivity and engagement. Here’s how Paperlez supports HR in the evolution of remote work in brilliant way!!

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought many new challenges in our professional and personal lives. Since the majority of the global workforce is not used to working from home, this sudden change has led to many problems. They are adjusting their seats to meet their organizational needs amidst everything that is happening around the world. It may have some difficulty to stay organized while working remotely. 

According to the recent NetMotion survey of 285 mobile employees, it is identified that five categories of annoyance, including poor network connectivity, under-performing tools and software, slow and outdated devices, security issues, and collaboration and communication issues are negatively affecting remote working culture.  To overcome these challenges, HRs can play the most important role in an organization to deliver the same quality of workflows as in-office colleagues do. Having a right office automation software like Paperlez which can help HR teams to manage their team to work remotely without sacrificing efficiency, clarity, or productivity.

Paperlez is an office automation tool which uses minimal physical paper and instead uses primarily digital documents.  The human resources team of an organization is a busy department and they are struggling for transparent communication.  Since HR is responsible for so many procedures, from recruitment to payroll, and more, it can feel as though the piles of paperwork are never-ending, and the manual administrative tasks go on and on. Paperlez is best document management software which liberates the HR team from the burden of filling in forms, updating spreadsheets, and filing paper documents.

Regular basis works like employee administration, payroll management, and legal reporting, Selecting and collecting resumes and documents, new joiners’ data management, etc. can be done effortlessly in no time through Paperlez which replaces these difficulties with automated processes and soft copy files. 

Task management system will work effortlessly in the Paperlez tool. HRs can loop into the team and employees on Paperlez. The HR manager can assign tasks to persons or departments on the basis of various correspondences. This will help HRs to gain executive insight and team priorities when there are conflicts or limited resources and allow HRs to achieve overall visibility into your teams’ commitments to identify and resolve potential timing conflicts. So HR teams can easily track the Performance management of employees through Paperlez. The documents relating to employees’ annual performance appraisal meeting can be completed by both the line manager and employee electronically.

Office automation software, Paperlez will reduce lack of transparency in communication and boost security. Storing data in cloud based technology improves the confidentiality and data protection of the information, as permissions can be set to allow different levels of access by individual and job role. Utilizing e-signatures and PDF copies mean that documents can be sent electronically to employees for them to view, save, and even sign and return. This is ideal as such documents can then be automatically filled and kept in their employee file. Maintaining files in your system is a great task while working remotely. Paperlez will minimize document management risks and it will ensure that the files are not mishandled. Team members can access important files through Paperlez from anywhere.

A faultless tool like Paperlez is obligatory in every organization to bridle issues that occur while working remotely. Choose Paperlez to make the efforts of the HR team facile.

Paperlez Office is rated 5 / 5 in 5 reviews on Play Store.