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How Project Managers Can Benefit from an Intelligent Project Management Software like Paperlez?

Keerthi MN 07-28-2020
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How can Paperlez reduce the toil of Project Managers and attain their project objectives? Of the many advantageous here are the few...

A project has plenty of phases, processes and people involved. There will be a one front-runner like Project Manager for amalgamating actions and achieving the set goals of a project. What makes Project Management a monotonous task as far as a Project Manager is concerned? People’s management and process management when in plenty becomes a confusing and laborious task for the Project Manager, no matter how capable he/she is!

Paperlez: Project Management Software that Energizes Projects!

Automating projects using best Project Management software like Paperlez is the first step to assume for optimizing Project Management. The Document Management Software, the Note Module, the Meeting Organizer and the Task Manager in Paperlez take up the different roles that a Project Manager will find easy delegating with and the output will be high productivity undoubtedly.

No Paper Files Only E-docs!

Document management system is inbuilt in Paperlez that allows the E-saving of every file handled by the Project Manager. There is no summoning of any of the team members when the Project Manager is in requisite of a particular file from the development team, the architecture team, testing team or any other cluster working in that particular project. Paperlez facilitates sharing of documents within the system and is a perfect document management system that builds a Project Managers’ tenacity.

Clarity in Task Execution

In Paperlez, there will be solid track records for every task in a particular project. There won’t be a situation in which the project manager will have to authenticate the tasks carried out by the respective team members. The project manager can decide who should the tasks be assigned to, when is the deadline, delegating tasks to team mates and finally, accomplishing each task to achieve the project output. Paperlez has the Project Manager’s new Task Manager that will manage the entire spectrum of processes undertaken in a project.

Conduct Meetings Smartly

Saving a lot of time in reference to conducting meetings is always there on top of the ‘personal requirement list’ of project managers. Communicating the team through daily or monthly stand-up meetings and giving heads up on project courses is a regular and time consuming business. A lot of time when the team can actually be more productive is being consumed for organising and fixing meetings. Such time lapses should be minimised. The Meeting Module of Paperlez and save a lot of time in this regard as it can arrange the task and execute it constructively without any curbs or hitches.

Digital Notes Shared

Constant communication is a regular thing between Project Manager and team members. They communicate through mails, phone calls or in person to discuss the details pertaining to projects. Paperlez can be the backer of sharing digital notes at any point of time so that the time taken for communicating small or large contents can be saved amazingly. Since discussions not including members from outside, such sharing of notes can boost quick decision making through considerable amount of time saved. Otherwise if an external party who has not been included in the Paperlez system comes into the scene, then the Project Manager can opt for the regular official ways of mail-through communication or telephonic communication.




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