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How Your Organization Can Cop up During These Covid-19 Days?

Keerthi MN 07-16-2020
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Having an efficient tool like Paperlez could have saved you from the adverse effects of a global pandemic. Know how your organization can survive during these Covid-19 days using Paperlez!

Highly unanticipated events are occurring as the aftermath of the Covid-19 Coronavirus global pandemic. Remote working and working from home are on the large. Tough times are being faced by those companies who have failed to adhere to newer innovative tactics like digitalization, automation etc. For those who have always updated their organizational setting with new tools and techniques, things have not become too dissipated!

Paperlez haven't seen this pandemic coming our way, but definitely is a tool that acts as a life-saver for organizations during man-made or natural catastrophes.  Organizations who have adopted an office automation tool like Paperlez, organizational responsibilities went slickly without any hold-ups.

The first and foremost thing is that, while working remotely there will be lots of coordination issues between people and teams. There will be a requirement to access certain files at times, which is problematic for normal paper-centric organizations. There will be no option but to step out to their respective workplaces to access these files. But what digitized tools like Paperlez offers is a shared database system that provides access to authorized employees of an organization. When you need a document, only you need to sign in and access it from wherever you are through a system with internet connectivity.

How can tasks be managed during these adverse conditions and secluded working phases? It is not possible to call each of your team members and assign responsibilities or ask reports of their tasks. What you need is a decentralized task allocation system like Paperlez's Task Module that can create, assign and accomplish tasks. When a task is assigned, team members will know and when it is done the assignee will know- as simple as that!

Organizations run virtual meetings because of the demand arising from the current situation! Large number of meetings are being held across different organizations through virtual meeting platforms like Zoom, Skye, and Microsoft Teams etc. However, for organizations’ inside business and other external affairs like meeting with external clients, everything can be arranged using Paperlez.Meeting places which usually used to be meeting rooms is now not a possible option for employees working from distant locations instead they can choose the online platform on which meeting is expected to happen. 

Notes are important parts of any departments in an organization, especially the vast ones! Sharing notes related to development, HR, marketing, or any other department peers need no Emails or other messaging mediums, but an efficient tool like Paperlez. Notes can be shared at any time given and there is no room for stagnation of the project or its processes at any point!

Choosing the right innovative tools and techniques at the right time is the duty of every organization. If adequate steps are taken at each stage, at appalling situations like this there will be more precision in carrying out the organizational affairs and delivering desired results to clients and customers, The global pandemic has taught us this life lesson and has done better for those organizations who already armoured themselves with the right techniques. But for those who were relying on the conventional ways of doing things, this pandemic has intimidated them very gravely and it is better if they start off their operations with the right tools like Paperlez, nonetheless to mention it is too late!

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