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How can paperlez guide educational institutes in their core activities ?

Anoop Panicker 05-14-2019
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Education is all about making future generations good learners. Are we good learners yet? Let’s see… Explore this opportunity to learn about going paperless and automating offices in this article.

Educational institutions have to handle many documents linked to students, teaching and non-teaching staff. In order to understand the effort required to handle these documents, let us brief through those documents that you will probably discover in the school file cabinets - there will be admissions applications, registration documents, graduations and diplomas, residency documents, conduct statements, enrollment certifications, financial aid applications and disbursements, transcripts and report cards etc. These documents that you might run into during various situations in an educational institution can be tiring and perplexing. So, it is only imaginable how difficult it can be to handle these documents in a paper-stricken office environment!!  With every passing year, the paper work will be doubled and hence the space, time and cost.

Let us see the keen role that ‘Paperlez’ plays to improve the functionality and efficiency of Educational institutions…


Educational institutions will have different sections for students, teachers and non-teaching staff. There will also be sub-section for each department. Just like as student has profile, mark sheet and certificates associated with him/her, a teacher will have employment details; salary slips etc. in her account. So there has to be folders and sub-folders in almost all subjects that fall under Paper management. With Document Management in ‘Paperlez’, there is one central repository that manages each folders and sub-folders. All that is required to access these files is a little bit of time. Usually in schools or colleges, there will be an administration department with a few employees to handle the files. In case of ‘Paperlez’, the manpower required to manage the files can be cut-short to 1 or 2 persons.

The files will have certain keywords associated with it, which the user has to type in while accessing it. The user will then be launched to the file location (and details associated with the file) in a jiffy! The files are way more secured in the systems than locking it in file cabinets- that is rest assured! Education is one section where, the Headmistress and the Principal is assigning teaching staff with tasks that has to be completed for specific classes in specific time. With the Task Management module, the ease of allocating time, setting time for achievement of the task and tracking properly the exact time taken to finish the task is easily managed. This organized way of Task Management can benefit the educational institutions in a number of ways.

Even though, mostly different teaching staff has different instructions to follow, there will be some guidelines or rules or propaganda that is common to all. If a note is prepared on these basic agendas and shared to all the appropriate personnel through Note Module, there will be ease of managing these tasks thus saving time. The person who is preparing the notes only needs to create tags so that the persons who are meant to access these notes can easily and quickly comprehend the relevant matters in it.

Certain situations are unavoidable like the face-to-face meeting where the management and staffs have to discuss high priority matters. Why waste time when you have ‘Paperlez’ Meeting Module? Instantly set your meeting place, time, attendees and meeting agenda through Meeting Module. Otherwise a time-demanding procedure, meeting is all about looking for a meeting place, calling out one-by-one to attend the meeting etc. But with Meeting Module, solutions to these intricacies have been cracked!


Cost to company can be one challenging phase that the educational institutions will have to tackle. But in the long run, the physical storage requirements will balance this initial hiccup and is sure to be a profit making tool for the educational institutions. There will not be any need of either renting a physical space or hiring someone to manually manage the paper-bound database management. 


  • Central control over various divisions/departments
  • Easy access
  • Better operational efficiency
  • Smooth information flow
  • Saves cost, time and space
  • Reduced manpower
  • Boosted security
  • Educational institutions go green and paperless

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