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How to Control Exam Stress? The Paperlez Way..

Keerthi MN 09-28-2020
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Exams are all about papers and stress. Here is Paperlez’s solution of managing exams and its related stresses in the brilliant way!

How to control exam stress? Well, the psychological tantrums are under your own control and Paperlez cannot leash it down. But there is a certain way in which Paperlez can control the approach in which exams are conducted. Exam times give you enough things to worry about and in addition to that you have plentiful number of papers to handle like notes, hall tickets, reference materials etc. that necessitates the need for a methodical Document Management system.

Storing, retrieving and managing documents get easy and smart with a coherent document management platform like Paperlez. Paperlez is such a document management tool that makes document management easy, quick and flawless. Now you know why it is also dubbed as a stress management system in terms of its efficiency to manage documents. What you only need is a camera to scan the docs. The next thing you see will be the scanned versions of these documents ready to be uploaded in the Paperlez system and voila! You have successfully achieved your first stage of office automation!!

Paperlez way of controlling the exam stress elucidates a rationalised document management platform wherein the only thing you need to worry about would be: whether or not you remember your syllabus properly! The papers are all intact and in easily retrievable format, leaving no room for any confusions as far as document management is concerned.

In addition to the optimised way of document management, Paperlez offers an innovative way of managing notes. Your notes are systematically organised in Paperlez so that at the time of requiring a particular note, it can be searched and fetched using keywords in Paperlez. Providing access permission to specific users and other salient features makes it one of the most futuristic document management tool. The necessary edits, deletion and sharing can be done with other users in the Paperlez system, thus making it a lot more desirable document management system for your organisation.

Pre-exam as well as post-exam processes like document management, note management etc. have latter-day advantages and are undoubtedly the best document management system which can be a stress buster for the conventional ways in which exams are conducted.

What are the advantages of having paperless culture in exams?

  • Easy updating, sharing and retrieving of files with fellow users
  • Adding new files or deleting outdated files can be carried out easily
  • Exam data can be saved in the Paperlez document management system and accessed from anywhere anytime
  • Educational institutions can save lots of effort, cost and space as compared to paper centric document management. 
  • Time management has a new level with Paperlez as documents are in the user’s hand’s reach and accessible always

Schools and every educational institution should change the conventional way of conducting exams which is hectic and stressful because there is too much paperwork involved. Paperlez is the changeover you need for busting the exam stress and managing documents in the most efficacious way.

Paperlez Office is rated 5 / 5 in 5 reviews on Play Store.