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How to Transform into a Paperless Office?

Anoop Panicker 09-17-2019
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How can you transform your business into a paperless work environment? Here are the step by step procedures involved

Office Automation is largely admired by organization at the moment. They search for optimal software in every ‘nook and corner’ for tallying their requirements for transforming into a self-sustained automated workplace. At this conjuncture, we present ‘Paperlez’ for making your offices fully automated and self-sufficient.

How can you transform your business into a paperless work environment? Here are the step by step procedures involved:

  1. Install the dedicated mobile app ‘Paperlez’ in your smart devices and system.
  2. Scrap all the paperwork. This requires a lot of time and is to be vigilantly carried out as it should not miss out any vital information during the progression. In this stage, transformation means scanning the paper works into system based files.
  3. Once the files are fused into systems, making a consortium of files in the system is to be done so that assigning these files to relevant personnel or department can be made effortlessly. This mainly has three phases: Naming, Assigning files and Reassigning files. Once this is done, the quarter share of the task of converting to a paperless office is accomplished.
  • Once the files are merged with the systems, there should be clarity in tasks associated with each of the files. There are a variety of parameters that has to be managed in this stage like: Details of the persons who should carry out the tasks
  • Time required for accomplishing each of the tasks
  • Different phases associated with the tasks

At the ultimate stage, the details of the accomplished tasks (like time required for finishing the tasks) are to be noted.

  1. Based on the suitability of the management, the files can be assigned to higher-level functionalities involving entire departments or the tasks can be broken down to lower-level functionalities where only certain specific departments alone are involved.
  2. Once the tasks are managed in the paperless way, there will be notes that are generated in each of its phases of progression. These notes are meant to be referred by others for making their contribution on the project being carried out. The notes will be shared only to those employees who are accredited to view it. ‘Paperlez’ has its own way of tackling the process by:
  • Making the required notes
  • Categorize the note with the help of tags
  • Search the notes easily using the keywords of tags
  • Sharing the notes to the corresponding personnel.
  1. At the time, after the completion or during the course there will be requirement of a meeting to discuss the status of the project. The ‘Paperlez’ run office will ease this task of conducting a meeting by making clear and time-bound decisions on:
  • Place where the meeting is to be held
  • Details of attendees to be present for the meeting
  • Attendance report generation
  • Minutes of Meeting (MoM) report generation

Thus ‘Paperlez’ is a handy tool when it comes to automating offices. Except for the initial costs involved in the transforming stage, there are no many disadvantages that ‘Paperlez’ hold. In fact, automating your organization through ‘Paperlez’ is one feasible way of generating income for your organization along with other perks like organized system and well-defined processes and tasks, rest assured with utmost efficiency and effectiveness.

Paperlez Office is rated 5 / 5 in 5 reviews on Play Store.