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How to follow a successful work from home strategy for the long term?

Keerthi MN 06-19-2020
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Take a look on how paperlez will help you to follow a successful work from home strategy for the long term.


The Covid-19 Corona virus occurrence has taught us some important life lessons. We are now practicing things which once were marked ‘impracticable’ during the normal life before corona. But the ‘new normal’ is so demanding in nature that we are finding new ways to run errands at homes as well as work places. The IT companies, for example, have permitted their employees to work from home because what is more important is to get their chores done, irrespective of where they work from. Relaxingly, things are working smoothly as per reports not just for IT but for every other sector that is currently encouraging remote working.  

If you feel a void in the work setting of your organization, that void can be filled with an efficient automation tool like Paperlez. You might be wondering what Paperlez can do other than reducing the use of paper at the office, right?! Converting paper files into paperless system-based files is just one of the many features of Paperlez in making your office automated. Apart from being Document Management software, Paperlez automates for managing notes, remotely conducting meeting and task assignment/reassignment.

Maintaining your files in the system as such does a great deal during these days of remotely working. The ease of sharing, the traceability of the handling of files, the authorization to make sure that nobody mishandles file is taken care of through Document Management. The team members irrespective of where they work from always stay connected with their important files through Paperlez.

The only module that can be put to respite is the Meeting Module as offices conduct their meeting through different video conferencing mediums. But still, the need for task delegation persists and Paperlez facilitates this through by assuming the role of Task Management software. The person in-charge can assign tasks to persons or departments on the basis of various correspondences. There is crystal clear clarity in who should do what and at what time through Paperlez’s task management. Even when at office or working remotely, task assignment is a stress-free job for organizations with Paperlez setting.

During the course of various projects it is obvious that there will be notes made for future references of the team. Notes that are saved in Paperlez’s Note Module can be accessed by the authorized team members at any point of time. This will make sure of the continuity of the project when the team encounters some qualms that need to be clarified through these notes. Forget about calling your team lead or your team members because they have already saved the necessary notes of various projects in Paperlez Note Module.

Recent changes in the work culture show us that what we need is a sheer performing tool like Paperlez that can manage your office chores regardless of whether your team works under a single roof or from remote locations. What you actually need to worry about is whether you have Paperlez in your office and not the strategies you need to develop while all your employees are working from home! Paperlez comes with lots of strategy packages and all you need to do is install it in your office system, especially now that you know…!



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