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Is Your Health Care Division Fit Enough ? Paperlez is Your Gauge !

Anoop Panicker 05-23-2019
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Healthcare sector has sensitive data like patient notes, bills, files and charts to be warehoused. It is an unnerving task to manage and recover these files.

Digitizing and converting papers into electronic forms are the solutions to these wearisome paper management systems. However, in recent years hospitals have started embracing the paperless culture more. For instance, the doctor will not ask for a patient’s X-ray, instead the X-ray is sent from the Radiologist’s system to the Doctor’s system. The doctor can instantly examine the report and take well-timed actions. This process, which once used to take lots of time now, requires few minutes to accomplish.

How can Hospitals reduce the usage of papers?

Hospitals, these days have migrated to systems, which is a good sign! A doctor has a system, so does the pharmacist and the billing staff and the admin. In a plot like this, the communication does not happen by walking between departments but through electronic mediums.

Hospital is all about paperwork. Below is depicted the possible places where the hospital staff would use paper to run the process:

  1. At the time of registration, the patient will have to fill a form for entering the details
  2. The admin staff will issue a bill for the amount paid towards registration
  3. The doctor will examine and write down a prescription and other tests to be performed on the patient in a paper
  4. The patient will go to the pharmacy for collecting the medicines that will have a bill to be paid- again there is an interception of another bill (OR) The patient will be asked to do a CT scan or X-Ray etc. the result of which will be printed in a paper and then pay all the bills together

Let’s stop there! Yes, hospitals run on chunks of papers and files!!

Once ‘Paperlez’ is induced, the process is suave and will take a big leap in terms of the hospital efficiency. Let’s see how…

  • The registration details is entered in the system of the office staff along with the illness for which the patient has come for cure
  • The registration details are forwarded to the respective departments for doctor’s attention
  • The doctor can note down in their systems the medical prescriptions and tests to be run on the patients and forward it to the pharmacy department or radiology department or other corresponding departments.
  • The pharmacist would give away the medicines and ask the patient to pay the bill (OR) the radiologist or other concerned departments would send the reports to the doctor for his/her analysis for further actions.

In this case, the only paper involved will be the currency paid towards the bills!!

Do Your ‘Operations’ Quickly

Hospitals have plenty of department, plenty of staffs and plenty of operations. Managing these tasks are challenging, but with ‘Paperlez’ it is not! You can assign tasks to any working personnel through ‘Paperlez’ Task Module.

If the doctor has an operation to attend to, a conference he has to be present at, substitute another doctor, and go for the rounds and patients’ examinations, discussing patients’ medical conditions with other doctors- numerous are the way that Task Module allows you to manage the tasks.

Nursing staff works on shift duties. There can be proper track of work and working hours not just for nursing staffs but for the management personnel or the administration personnel or maintenance staff as well.

Even for patients, there will be many factors to be taken care of. Major operations, minor operations, surgeries, and deliveries- anything can be included in the Task Module along with time setting. This will equip not just the hospital, but also the patients. How? The patients will be cautioned to be ready in prior to the time of commencing the task, valuing the time of the patients too and not just the doctors!

Since hospitals have a number of departments like Physician, Pediatrician, Oncologist, Neurologist etc. the Task Module can be broken down and assigned to the respective departments for plummeting the complexities.

Assemble the Staffs in No time

Doctors always have reports for all the patients. In some cases, there might occur a circumstance where the reports or analysis performed on a patient needs to be addressed by a senior doctor or advice might be pursued from few departments on proceeding further.

‘Paperlez’ Note Module allows the doctors to tag the diagnosis reports and findings of a particular patient in his profile and from the doctor’s system it can be forwarded to whomsoever concerned for supplementary actions. Every doctor will have systems and through their systems, these notes can be shared and accessed by all those who the ‘author doctor’ tags in. Try not to overlook the possibility of this module- the ultimate benefiters are not doctors or hospital management, but the patients. A lot of time can be saved through Note module and hence the lives of patients at risk!

Opportune Meeting Schedules

Quickly schedule the meeting place, doctors who should attend the meeting and the schema of the meeting, whether it is an emergency situation or a normal situation. ‘Paperlez’ Meeting Module can track the meeting details from the beginning to the end with all the elements well noted for the now and future.

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