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Anoop Panicker 06-14-2019
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Banks and Financial Institutions are in the vicinity of change. Open your account with ‘Paperlez’ today and bring on the add-ons to convert to a completely automated work place.

The Banking and Finance sector has growing number of customers. As the dimensions of the customers grow, so does the paper works. Even though earlier Banks & Finance Sector had lot of dependencies on paper files, it has recently shown a trend of switching to less-paper processes. With the emergence of internet banking and online solutions, there have been drastic cut-shorts on paper-dependent bank statements, passbooks and other forms to be filled out. With more users migrating to ATM cards and swiping these cards at retail outlets, the usage of currency is also reduced. It is a good sign that people prefer making payments through online payment gateways these days.

What is the role that ‘Paperlez’ plays in the Banking & Finance sector? ‘Paperlez’ is not simply about managing the paper bound work processes in these sectors, but it is also about the efficient management of the various supporting tasks involved too.

Manage Your Documents: The ‘Paperlez’ Approach!

The Banks and Finance Sectors have loads of paper oriented processes- Balance Sheets, Ledgers, Account Statements, KYC forms etc. to name a few. If these files are incorporated as modules in systems, you will not have to wait in any long queues that are usual sights in banks. As each customer approach the bank, it should be able to provide their services in no time. How can you achieve that and attain your customers’ satisfaction?

The Document Module can transfer files between departments (say loan division, customer care division etc.) or personnel without any impediments. Transferring details of a person from one bank/finance institute to another requires simple transferring between systems with no manpower involved! It makes a great deal of difference if the banks transmute the customer database and their related documents in to modules in the banks’ and financial institutions’ systems.

In earlier days, personnel from one bank will have to take the documents and proceed to another bank for transferring information about a particular customer. This task is so simplified because the files bear the name, author, department, date of creation and all the details associated with it that makes it easily accessible by any authorized persons from authorized systems. 

Break Down the Tasks…

Banks and Financial Institutions have various internal tasks like mortgages, loans, deposits, checking accounts etc. they also have external factors to comply with like mergers and acquisitions, trading, capital market and sales. Banks are also scrutinized by regulatory authority to see whether or not the banks and financial institution comply with the baking and finance regulations.

With many priorities to be taken care of, how will Task Module in ‘Paperlez’ manage internal and external processes? Every action is system based with ‘Paperlez’. Just enter the tasks along with other details like phases involved, time required, time taken to complete the task and other priority settings associated in the systems. This will enrich task management with easy task tracking and timely task completion.

Enable Quick Sharing of Reports

There will be many details that different officials and departments should be aware of about the banks’ and financial institutions’ operations. Note Module in ‘Paperlez’ allows the sharing of various reports in groups or in person. It is even possible to transfer these notes in the inter-bank and intra-bank verticals as authorized by these institutions.

It is possible to create the notes (or reports), tag the notes and quickly share it with the concerned personnel, thus saving the banks’ and financial institutions’ expensive time. Quick sharing of notes deliberates quick actions from the side of banks and financial institutions which is one essentiality of such institutions.

Set Up Easy Meeting Schedules

Banks will have quick meetings at times. Especially during quarterly, half yearly and year-end sessions, the banks will have hefty file traffic to sort and there will be the need of quick meetings between personnel. How can ‘Paperlez’ be your best associate at such times? The concerned official only have to set up the meeting place, mark the attendees, feed the attendance and create the MOM of the meeting. This will serve rightfully at the time of chaos (especially during year-end) in these organizations. The MOM that you save during these meetings will be you glimpses for future references.

Why ‘Paperlez’? Try ‘Paperlez’

In the past years, the banks and financial institutions have witnessed less-paper processes, which is a remarkable progress. There are certain more areas where a little brushing upon can do marvels! With a little more emphasizing in the internal processes, with the aid of ‘Paperlez’, there can be more increment in the output efficiency of banks and financial institutions. Try ‘Paperlez’ and be the change…!

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