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Our Reasoning for Paperlez Office

Anoop Panicker 07-08-2019
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Paperlez knows what your organization needs! We put forth the reasons why should have Paperlez…

When thinking of switching to ‘Paperlez’ office, since it is a new phenomenon for your company, it is only likely to have uncertainties and confusions. You might be wondering as of how effective can ‘Paperlez’ be or will your organization adjust to the new system and concerns as such. Now, you can be 100 % sure that the transformation of your office into a ‘Paperlez’ work environment will only earn you rewards in the form of cost, space, manpower, effort saved and becoming environmentally committed!

In this article we are familiarizing the various reasoning for why you should go for ‘Paperlez’ office…

Systematic Pattern of Document Transfer:

The paper files are vulnerable to theft and duplication. But in ‘Paperlez’, the documents are protected and authorized to be accessed by the permitted personnel only. Right from the document creation to the transferring of documents between person/department, there is a systematic fashion and a regular pattern that this transfer of files follows. There is no chance of your office files getting mishandled. This is assured because every detail associated with the ‘Paperlez’ files have author, date of creation, record of person/department handling the files and such important information regarding each files. There is surety about the content in each file as the sole owner to bring any edits in the content rests with the author alone. The encryption of files is also possible, thus doubling the security of the ‘Paperlez’ files!

Advantage of Accessibility:

When your office sticks to paper files, you too will have to stick around the office most of the time. When there is a need for a particular file, you will have to collect it manually and hence fetches a majority of you time when you repeat the process several times.

But in ‘Paperlez’, the files can be accessed from anywhere, only you need to have a system and authentication. This is one huge difference that ‘Paperlez’ files hold against paper files.

Arrayed Task, Note and Meeting Management:

‘Paperlez’ can determine which task is to be performed by whom at what time. Also, it can track the various phases involved in each task. ‘Paperlez’ is your new Task Manger in this respect!

‘Paperlez’ can also be the assistant you need in circulating the important notes in your notes. It can manage creating, tagging and sharing of notes. ‘Paperlez’ is also your facilitator for conducting meetings by managing the entire steps in steering a meeting like meeting agenda, place, attendees, MOM etc.

Environmental Commitment:

Organizations usually think of what Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) should they choose or becoming morally committed to the society and environment. By choosing ‘Paperlez’, you are inevitably committed to the environment as you choose ‘Paperlez’ office over paper-centric files. Less use of paper implies less cutting of trees and more obligations towards environment. Not only that, it is advantageous for your office as well because it will be your primary step to office automation that results in larger operational efficiency that will benefit your organization in terms of revenue.


Thus, the ‘Paperlez’ way of improving the functionality and operational efficiency encompasses the entire processes and systems. ‘Paperlez’ has the power to convert your parched office in to a fully automated and proficient organization.

Paperlez Office is rated 5 / 5 in 5 reviews on Play Store.