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Paperlez Case Study on Hospital Consultation:

Keerthi MN 06-21-2023
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The limitations of paper documents can be overcome with the use of digital solutions, which would improve overall patient care.

In today's fast-changing world, where digitalization has transformed many industries, the healthcare industry is leading the way to important changes. It is surprising to learn that some hospitals are still using the outdated practice of paper documents in an age when technology has changed industries all over the world.  


These hospitals use paper-based documents for collecting patient records, including health histories, laboratory reports, and prescriptions, which are stored in paper files. The implementation of document management software in hospitals improves productivity, reduces costs, and improves the data security of patient records. The limitations of paper documents can be overcome with the use of digital solutions, which would improve overall patient care.  

In hospitals, various methods are used to collect patient data. Here are some methods for collecting patients' data:  

1. Filling out forms     

2. Submission of Documents  

3. Verification of documents  

4. Past medical history and initial testing  

5. Diagnosis and examination  

6. Prescription      

7. Storage and retrieval of documents  

8. Communication and information updates  

9. Discharge and Follow-Up


Challenges Faced in Hospitals 


1. Filling out forms:

When a patient arrives at the hospital, they must fill out the forms manually. If they have multiple forms to fill out, it takes a lot of time to complete them. With the use of document management systems in hospitals eliminates the requirement for paper-based registration forms, where patients can complete the forms online, which minimizes paperwork, and the data is recorded in real-time as patients fill out registration forms electronically.  

2. Submission of Documents:

When forms are filled out and completed, patients must submit these forms to the hospital administrator for further purposes. Hospital administrators find it difficult to access their medical records on paper forms. With the help of document management systems, the registration form can be uploaded and submitted digitally, which reduces the requirement for physical submission, resulting in speedy and safe document transfer.   

3. Verification of Documents:

After the documents have been submitted, the patients must wait a long time for the verification process. With the help of document management, which automates document verification, keeping track of patient records, and easily sharing information with other healthcare providers.   

4. Past Medical History and Initial Testing:

The nurse or doctor reads the registration form, provides an initial assessment, and asks for further inquiries to learn more about the patient's medical history, symptoms, and present state. The nurse or doctor manually records the data on a paper-based medical chart or form. With the use of a document management system in a hospital where they scan paper-based documents of patient's past medical records and convert them to digital format.   

5. Diagnosis and examination:

Then they referred that patient to the relevant department or specialist for additional testing and diagnosis. The doctor does a physical examination, orders tests, and prescribes medications on paper. With the implementation of a document management system, you can track diagnoses, examination results, and treatment plans, ensuring that the information is correct and up-to-date.  

6. Prescription

The prescription has the patient's identity, date of birth, medication name, dose instructions, how often to take it, and how long it should be taken. When this prescription is in handwritten form, it can result in incorrect dosages being prescribed, which can lead to side effects or ineffective treatment. With the implementation of document management software, doctors can directly prescribe medicines to pharmacies digitally, which reduces errors and ensures patients' safety.  

7. Storage and retrieval of documents:

In a paper-based filing system, finding specific patient documents can be difficult. Medical professionals may have to go through many physical files and folders. With the adoption of a document management system, you can safely store all types of patient documents, such as medical records, test results, and discharge summaries, and organized them in different folders, and retrieve these documents when needed.  

8. Communication and information updates:

When patients are admitted to hospitals, they must communicate with doctors and receive updates. When doctors are not available to respond to inquiries or give updates, miscommunication, and misunderstandings occur. This can cause more stress and anxiety for patients and their families and lead to medical errors and delays in care. With the implementation of the document management system, patients can ask questions, receive updates on their health or treatment progress directly from doctors, and get an instant replay with the powerful chat engine.  

9. Discharge and Follow-up:

When patients are ready to be discharged, they are provided with some additional documents and instructions that are difficult to follow and understand. When patients need to return for follow-up visits or further treatments, carrying the past medical histories from earlier visits can be inconvenient for them to carry, which increases the risk of misplacing or losing them. With the help of a document management system, you can schedule follow-up sessions and track the health status of patients.  


Solutions Paperlez can give in hospitals:  


  • By implementing Paperlez document management software in hospitals, you can use the document mobile scanning feature to scan paper documents like patient records, medical histories, test reports, approval forms, and other important documents, where you can convert them into digital files and reduce the risk of handling the paper documents manually.  


  • The automation of document workflows, such as approvals, reviews, and verification processes, made possible by paperlez for hospitals, eliminates delays and develops better communication between departments, enhancing collaboration between doctors and nurses.  


  • The risk of losing patient-sensitive information can be solved with Paperlez, a high-level data security measure that enables hospitals to assign user rights and access levels to ensure that only authorized workers can see and alter certain documents, which increases data privacy and reduces the risk of unauthorized access.


The hospitals can significantly decrease the use of paper, increase operating efficiency, strengthen data security, and simplify their processes related to documents when they implement Paperlez as a document management solution.

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