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Paperlez Case Study on Schools

Keerthi MN 06-26-2023
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In today’s fast-paced world, schools are increasingly turning to digital solutions to streamline administrative processes and enhance efficiency.

In today’s fast-paced world, schools are increasingly turning to digital solutions to streamline administrative processes and enhance efficiency. One area that can significantly benefit from technological advancement is the admission process. By implementing a document management system, schools can eliminate the need for paperwork, by saving time and cost while providing a more focused and streamlined admission experience. 

Rather than manually processing and organizing a stack of paper documents, all relevant information can be digitally stored and easily accessible using a document management system. This allows staff members to quickly retrieve, and review applicant records and the overall admission process. 

A document management system ensures that documents are securely stored digitally. This eliminates the risk of misplacing or losing information and safeguards data.  Additionally, authorized personnel can access the system remotely, enabling them to review applications from anywhere at any time. This accessibility enhances collaboration among the admission team and enables timely decision-making. 

They follow these steps for the admission process 

  • Application form 
  • Document submission 
  • Application fee 
  • Review and evaluation 
  • Admission decision 
  • Acceptance and enrollment 
  • Orientation and registration 
  • Document archieving 

When a school implements a document management system, it involves adopting a digital system to manage various processes and tasks.  With a paperless admission system, physical documents are collected from schools, and it is converted into digital format. Once the documents are digitized, they are categorized and organized in a safe and secure document management system. They can conveniently upload their documents through a secure online portal, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free experience. Real-time updates and notifications can also be sent to applicants, keeping them informed about the progress of their admission application. Implementing a document management system like Paperlez for school admissions offers numerous advantages. It saves time, increases efficiency, improves data security, and enhances better communication. 



Application form 

Prospective students or their guardians need to fill out an application form provided by the school. This form collects information about the student, including personal details, previous school details, and previous school information. Carrying these paper documents may lose or misplaced. By implementing a document management system, you can use a document mobile scanning feature to scan the documents, where you can convert them digitally and reduce the risk of handling paper documents manually. 

Document submission 

Applicants are typically required to submit supporting documents along with the application form. These documents include academic transcripts, birth certificates, ID proofs, etc. These documents are scanned using document scanners or document equipment. Once they are scanned they are converted into digital files. So through the Document Management System, applicants can upload their documents from anywhere. The system securely stores and organizes these documents, making them easily accessible to the admission staff. 

Application Fee 

Some schools require applicants to pay an application fee. The document management system can facilitate online payment, allowing applicants to make secure transactions electronically. The system can generate receipts and maintain a record of all financial transactions. 

Review and evaluation 

Once all the necessary documents and assessments are completed, the admission committee or relevant staff members review and evaluate the application. The admission staff can access digital applications and supporting documents through the document management system. They can review and evaluate the applications without the need for paperwork, saving time and effort. 

Admission decision 

Based on the evaluation, the school makes an admission decision. The decision may be communicated to the applicant via letter or phone. This might not be convenient for applicants because they might be busy with work or engaging in some other stuff. The document management system provides a platform for communication between the admission staff and applicants. Applicants can receive notifications and updates regarding their application status or additional information requested by the school. This eliminates the need for papers ensuring timely and accurate communication. 

Acceptance and enrollment 

If the applicant receives an offer of admission, they are required to accept the offer by a specified deadline. Applicants can accept the admission offer electronically through the document management system. They can provide consent, submit enrollment forms, and make the necessary payments online, the system maintains a record of accepted offers and enrollment confirmations. 

Orientation and registration 

Once the offer of admission is accepted, the school typically organizes an orientation program for new students and their families. This program provides information about the school's policies, procedures, facilities, and expectations. The document management system can facilitate the organization of orientation programs and registration for newly admitted students. It can provide a centralized platform for sharing important information documents, and resources related to the orientation process. 

Document Archeiving 

Once the admission process is complete, the document management system ensures secure storage and archiving of all admission-related documents. This simplifies record-keeping, retrieval, and compliance with data protection regulations. Documents can be easily accessed whenever needed, saving physical storage space and reducing the risk of document loss. 


A solution that Paperlez can provide 

Document management systems like Paperlez, provide a centralized repository where all admission documents can be stored and accessed. This allows easy access and retrieval of documents, eliminating the time-consuming task of searching through physical files or folders. 

  • All applicant documents stored digitally in a Document Management System allow admission staff to review and evaluate applications more efficiently. This allows for quick navigation, searching, and sorting of documents. 
  • A Document Management System enables remote access to admission documents, allowing flexibility to authorized staff members to review and process applications from anywhere, at any time. 

Going paperlez is a good solution that comes up with effective features for handling all document-related tasks by saving cost and time.  If you are in search of credible document management software for your school purposes, contact us today, Book a free demo to know more about paperlez. 

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