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Reduce the spread of Corona Virus by Going Paperless

Keerthi MN 04-16-2020
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Take a look on how to reduce the spread of Corona Virus by Going Paperless.

The Corona Virus has engulfed all the 4 continents in the world. At this point of time, conditions are getting worse. Uncertainties are on the large as Health Workers and Researchers are still not sure the different mediums through which the virus is transmitted.

It is said that there are more chances of the virus getting spread through material mediums like currencies, papers, carry bags etc. that are highly likely to have been touched by  a lot of people. In order to contain the virus to at least some extend, we firstly have to essentially diminishthe usage of these touchable objects. How can these be replaced? What can be done instead to move on with the progressions? Paperlez can be the answer to some of this.

Paperlez is the tool by which documents; records, papers, files etc. are digitalized, automated and converted into system-based files. In this context of lockdown, social distancing and quarantining which arises from the risks of the Corona Virus epidemic, there is lots of paper works involved in the societal system to show the legitimacy of the things that these papers are carried for. These many papers are a real threat to the society right now as these become carriers of viruses from one person to another.

Paperlez is trying to contribute the real-world applicability of it, to decline this risk of papers carrying the virus to places and to people. In simple terms, we are talking about replacing papers with system based files that can be accessed and used by every user in the system.

Discussing certain scenarios that Paperlez will be in easy reach for reducing the spread of Covid-19 Corona Virus…

In Health Hotspots:

In the context of Corona Virus outbreak, the government has started some health hotspots and check-up stalls to run rapid tests for testing corona infection among the public. Test results will have paper centric results that the health workers will hand over to the tested patients. This is a place where there is high probability of the corona virus getting spread through paper.

Once the tests are done, the health workers can send their test results through Paperlez in installed in their smart devices. This will reduce the threats of Corona Virus spread through papers. In addition, the ‘wait period’ of both the parties is saved.

In Hospitals & Primary Health Centres

Hospitals are again places of test results in the form of paper. It has additionally scan results, X-ray prints, medical bills etc. to be exchanged with the patients. On scanning these docs and sharing it through the ‘Paperlez’ medium, there is yet again another way to stop spreading infections through tangible medium.

In Legal Compliance of the Public’s Context

As a preventive measure of people stepping out of their houses for unnecessary purposes, government has advised people to carry Self-declaring affidavit for the law enforcement team to verify and sanction their reason for stepping out.

Similarly, people should carry authorised letter from the police officials to get approval for traveling because of unavoidable reasons.

These authorization letters can be passed to those who require it without having to meet in person. Paperlez can transfer these approvals to the rightful users as instructed by the presiding official through their appropriate computer systems.

In Essential Commodity Stores

People are walking into stores for buying the essential commodities that includes grocery store, medical store etc. Some are asking for bills and some are refusing bills for the sake of not catching any infection. Paperlez has permanent solution to this problem. Every buyer can have the bills of the purchased commodities if there is Paperlez installed in their device.The stores can share the scanned copies of the respective persons with them and no harm caused! You do not have to compromise on the proof of your purchase in the fear of the catching Corona virus infection!

Carrying Passes for Authorized Executives

You might have heard that the government has mandated the officials whose service is very critical in this situation to carry passes while stepping out. These authorized executives include media persons, health workers, police officials, government servants etc. Everyone has to carry the pass while on duty and these passes are in paper print formats, provided by the government. These paper prints have high risks of contamination through air while exposed over long time intervals.

Paperlez allows carrying these passes in the smart devices so that they are to be shown to the law enforcing officers while asked for- no misplacements, no loss and no misrepresentations!


The expert health officials and researchers have confirmed that the survival period of coronavirus on paper varies. It is proclaimed that some strains of the virus survive on the paper surface for as short as a very few minutes, while certain other strains have shown to survive for as long as 5 days.

Paper possesses risks of the Corona virus spreading. One single step of cutting the use of paper can reduce the risk in quantum amount that could save at least some if not all!

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