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Should your SME go Paperlez ?

Anoop Panicker 06-28-2019
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The SME can be a place that might sound like they don’t need ‘Paperlez’, but it is always better to start early than choosing later…!

Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) are budding organizations trying to put their business run in the right track for a long term. The initial processes involved are not as complex as in large scale industries as everything they induce in their system is a ‘first time’ process. As far as the SMEs are concerned, starting their operations with ‘Paperlez’ is going to yield them the best future-oriented results.

When you start your business, it is better to choose your first steps wisely. This will avoid any tumbling that could happen in the future steps that you take. This is why ‘Paperlez’ is the best cost-saver for your micro, small and medium enterprises. Usually, companies after commencing their operations and running their business for a long term will start noticing the flaws in some of their operations. At this conjuncture, they will have to do certain rectification procedures to nullify the loss that they encounter from these flaws. Once the operations in SMEs start with ‘Paperlez’, there is going to be tremendous advantages that the company can benefit from in the future.

How Document Management Can Lessen your Efforts in SMEs?

Since the SMEs are not supposed to a have too much document files involved, it is the right time to begin storing the information as Document Module in system. This means that right from in-house documents of the company for internal purpose to recruitment files, documents that go in and out of the organization to meet various requirements can be encompassed in the Document Module. Employing Document Module at a very early phase can incalculably lessen your paper-centric works in the later phase (and hence cost, space and effort).

Systematize Your Tasks!

SMEs are less complex systems with only handful of tasks to perform. This is exactly why it is the right time to apply Task Module because in the future, when organization switches to larger domain and larger operations, there can be ease of undertaking complex tasks. Task Module acts like a governess for task details like: What the task is? What are the different phases involved in the task? To whom a task has been allocated? What is the time taken for completing a task? This way you can keep track of your tasks arrayed and systematized!

Note Sharing Like Never Before!

You need walk between persons or departments for communicating specific works. Note Module will be the carrier of your communication that holds details like: Making notes, tagging notes so that the intended ones with whom the notes are to be shared will have access to it and Sharing of notes between persons/ departments.

Meeting can be Held the Smart Way…

When there is a meeting between personnel or various personnel from different sections, the person organizing the meeting just need to take Meeting Module in their system and mark the intended attendees, add details like time and place of meeting, create and share MOM etc. The Meeting Module can also help in determining whether a particular person is available at a particular time for a meeting. If not available, he can reschedule the meeting to some other time. This ‘availability checking’ applies to meeting rooms as well- the person conducting the meeting will know if the meeting place he chose for steering the meeting is available or not. If a particular meeting room is previously booked for other meetings, then the place can be edited and notified to the respective personnel through Meeting Module.


The use of ‘Paperlez’ in SME is more feasible if the work they take on involves too much of paper. Considering a situation where your SME has too much paper oriented works involved, taking up ‘Paperlez’ and applying it to your organization will be a very feasible option. For your SME, we suggest starting ‘Paperlez’ early for less woe in the future…

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