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The Scope of Paperlez's Document Management Module

Anoop Panicker 07-12-2019
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In this editorial, we introduce you to the Document Management module in Paperlez and how it can benefit your organization…

Paperlez has always been mentioned as your first tool to office automation. When someone mentions about ‘Paperlez’, we recommend that you shouldn’t narrow your contemplations about Paperlez as a mere tool for switching to a paperless work environment. There are other factors as well that Paperlez can manage well. However, in this article we will be discussing about Document Module in particular and the infinite developments it can offer your organization.

What is Document Management Module?

Document Module is the capsule model storage system for your paper-centric files. The documents can be incorporated in to system based files through step-by-step procedures in the Document Management module. The conversion of paper files in to system files have to pass through certain specific phases. This transformation requires adequate time for the first time, but once transformed the effort required to run these files for various purposes will be reduced dramatically.

What are the phases involved in the Document Management Module?

  • Dedicated Mobile Applications: Firstly, the organization has to adapt to the bespoke Paperlez application. The Paperlez’s dedicated mobile app can take care of the monitoring of your organization’s 360 degree functionalities.
  • Scanning Documents: The Paperlez after its installation will execute the conversion of the paper files in to system files. This conversion is possible through scanning of the documents.
  • Naming Document: The documents after transforming in to system files need to be named. This will assist in easy accessibility, management and retrieval of files when needed. Naming the document is for making the files look organized and making the system look arrayed and systematized for file storage.
  • Assigning Department: Naming files eases the task of transferring files to respective departments. If there is any need of re-allocating a particular file to a different department, there will be only less time required to do so. Paperlez makes assigning and reassigning of documents between departments possible in less time. Hence you are saved form walking between different departments in your organization and thus save time and effort!
  • Task Accomplished: Will it not be great to see the message ‘Task Accomplished’ on your screen effortlessly and in very less time. Once the documents are incorporated in the dedicated mobile app, it is methodically managed and prospective tasks are achieved by Paperlez. Once the documents are wholly (and for the first time) incorporated in Paperlez, the imminent projects will be easy to be managed in the app.

What Are the Benefits that Document Management Module Offer?

There are number of benefits that the document management module offers your organization, a few of which are stated below:

  • Easy storage of files
  • Better accessibility
  • Quick transfer of files is enabled
  • More accurate flow of information
  • Work allotment gains new standard
  • Less man effort required
  • Space, time and cost saved
  • Paper can be saved
  • Secured environment for carrying out operations


When a single module in Paperlez like Document Management Module can assist you in such advantageous ways, the other modules has more offers in its account to put forth for your organization’s smooth, arrayed and clever functioning. In your first step towards Office Automation, Paperlez is the first and foremost tool and in Paperlez, Document Module is your first footstep!

Paperlez Office is rated 5 / 5 in 5 reviews on Play Store.