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Why Should Construction Companies Have Document Management Software?

Keerthi MN 06-26-2020
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Document Management Solution

You might have second thoughts on why a construction company should have Paperlez as there isn’t much paperwork to handle. But after reading this article, you will change your mind…!

Construction companies are not just about bricks and slabs, it has lots of paper works involved too like bills, plans, memos, work shift reports and lots more! Even though documents handled in construction companies are comparatively less than other industries, there still is a need for a Document Management System to manage the many files. This is especially required because the workers, supervisors and site engineers will be involved in different field works and will be unable to contact constantly. Paperlez is what will keep them connected at any time in spite of the parties working remotely in different work locations.

How Can Paperlez Act as Your Organizations Project Management System?

The many ways in which Paperlez act as your construction company’s project management system is:

  • Convert the various paper works involved like bills, memos, work shift reports, construction plans etc. (as mentioned earlier) into system based files. This can make it easy for every employee in the construction company to manage their files whenever required. When the site engineer asks for a report to the supervisor regarding a worker, all you need is Paperlez to get it done. Hence as a Document Management System, Paperlez can have a solid database of every file in a construction company that is easily traceable and accessible.
  • Right from the starting point, there will be many numbers of notes circulating between person, team and departments for a construction company. Paperlez can be used to make notes and share with authorized employees when required. It will always hold the details of these notes and at any point when a reference is to be made to any of these notes, all you need to do is retrieve it from Paperlez Notes data bank.
  • To update work or convey changes in work schedules, there might be circumstances where this needs to be communicated. In order to arrange a quick meeting with the employees, you can avail the Meeting Module services of Paperlez and there are no phone call checking of the availability of the field workers. Pick a date, time and attendees in the note module and you are done!
  • Paperlez is most effective when each and every person involved with your construction company is part of its system (whether internal or external). If you wish to assign tasks for these people in your system, this is facilitated by Paperlez through the Task segment. There will be a solid track record of who does what and when in Paperlez for almost everything carried through it. So if a mistake happens at some point of time regarding the work carried out, there will be always a defaulter to whom questions can be raised or a time phase at which mistake had occurred.


Office Automation System is largely preferred by organizations as they have started realizing the productivity it offers. How can you measure an organization’s efficiency? The openness of an organization towards innovative methodologies like digitalization, office automation systems etc. are the first considerable parameters. Hence if a question is asked as to why a construction company should have an innovative tool like Paperlez, the answer would be: It can not only reduce the paperwork involved in the construction company, but it brings the employees working in different work locations close under a single roof.

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