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How to upload a file on Paperlez?

You have the provision for single upload and bulk upload of documents on Paperlez. The document upload is fully convenient and secure.

Single Upload

Single upload of documents can be easily performed from the document upload page by entering the basic details of the document such as Title, Department/Category to which the document should be sent, specify the Sub category to which the document should be sent along with a short description of the document and  by setting a priority for the document.

*Note: Only the upload section is mandatory.

Bulk Upload

Using Bulk Upload option you can quickly upload multiple files from your computer. You can easily Drag and drop multiple files and click on from your machine and upload it to Paperlez.  

There are some restrictions on the size of the files being uploaded (the different file types have different file size limits). The maximum size limit for uploading a document is 10 MB. If you get an error message indicating that the file size is too large when trying to upload your file, then you should upload a smaller sized file.

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