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Stay connected to your Tasks & Documents on the go. Never miss an assignment when you are travelling. mobile applications are build with incredibly powerful design elements and faster response rates. We have integrated all the features available in the web platform to your mobile device. This can give you more confidence and track each progress with ease never like before. You can click images of documents and upload it in no time with proper assigning and document sharing even more quicker than in a website environment.

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Document Management Solution Click & Upload : This is one of the coolest feature of mobile app. Click a photo of the document and you are ready to share. Upload it the easiest way. Document Management Solution Reminder Management :This is a great feature that gives you a super power to schedule your works in a never than before way. Don't worry, the system will remind it for you. Document Management Solution Bulk Upload :Bulk upload feature can reduce the time taken for uploading documents one by one. Magically finish the task in a single click. Document Management Solution One Step Verification : Flow of sensitive documents inside the system is strictly managed through our unique feature of One step verification. Document Management Solution Priority Setting : This is a powerful feature that can never miss you an important document. Document priority will be perfectly marked with precision. Document Management Solution Document Lifecycle : This could be a game changer for your imagination. System will provide you with a detailed document flow report with pin point information regarding the update happened each time.
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